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Conflict: Vietnam is a first-person shooter for Windows
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Conflict: Vietnam is a first-person shooter for Windows. The game has also been released for PS2 and XBOX. The story of the game is easily inferred from the title. You form a part of a squad that gets lost from the main brigade. You are a squad of three that is constantly ambushed by Vietnamese forces. You have to travel half the country by foot in search for your fellow soldiers. However, that is not an easy endeavor. The game progresses quite fast and most levels are plagued with volatile action. Although we don't see the kind of graphics that we are used to now, the game is still fun to play and challenging. The controls are pretty easy and are common to most other first person shooters. The soundtrack is a great part of this game. You can sense the moments of action by simply listening to the music and the sounds. You almost get a feel of it and will be ready to call "ambush" even before you know it. Conflict: Vietnam is one of the latest installments in the Conflict franchise and is certainly one of the best.

José Fernández
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